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Cannabis Nutrients- The Brutal Truth (or Educational Series?) Grow Boss E#1-6

The best marijuana nutrients tips to help expand your marijuana grow. this is the series you are going to want to watch if you want to know the truth about what’s in your nutrients. not only does the grow boss explain everything you need to know about using them he opens and pours them out […]

Mixing Cannabis Nutrients E#2-6 Concentration And Quality- How Much To Use

The best marijuana nutrients tutorials to help get the most out of your marijuana grow. in this episode the Grow Boss goes over all the conditions that go into making the PPM decision. like how long is your veg, how big is the bucket do you have to transplant during veg and finally how much […]

The Grow Boss Marijuana Garden Science | All About Cal-Mag

The very best marijuana nutrients books to help increase your marijuana grow. shares everything you need to know about Calcium and Magnesium when it comes to Indoor Marijuana Growing. And remember the #1 Problem in a healthy-garden is a Magnesium deficiency. 0:08 How Calcium and Magnesium affect your plants 0:26 Every grower has the same […]