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Guano (bat poop) Fertlizing And Watering Cannabis Plants with Jorge Cervantes

The ultimate fertilizer guides to help improve your marijuana grow. High Everyone, Check out my video on guano (bat poop) and how it can help your plants. If you want to ask me questions, I hang out at my new Marijuana Growing ( forum, come say hello! Visit my new forum: Submit your pics here: […]

Cannabis Cultivation: Fertilize Marijuana Garden Organically

The perfect fertilizer strategy guides to help improve your marijuana grow. Fertilize cannabis garden organically. Jorge top-dresses marijuana plants with chicken manure. Building organic soil with chicken manure works well for marijuana gardens. Jorge removes the mulch from soil, adds chicken manure and replaces mulch. Watering the marijuana garden mulch and installing shade cloth. =================== […]

Cannabis Cultivation: Organic Fertilizer, Mulch and Water

The leading fertilizer strategy guides to help maximize your marijuana grow. Fourth of July Jorge’s marijuana garden is growing strong! Learn how to prune branches from cannabis plants – Green Crack, Blue Dream, Sugaree, Sour Diesel, Ghost OG, Royal OG. Apply chicken manure fertilizer to the marijuana garden soil. Brush away mulch to expose organic […]

Organic Fertilizers for Marijuana – Flower Stage – Maximum Organic Yield

The most effective fertilizer manuals to help maximize your marijuana grow. Learn How to Grow Bombtastic Organic Buds at

Yield Tech- Best Options In Marijuana Fertilizer For Your Next Grow

The best quality fertilizer tips to help expand your marijuana grow. YieldTech is the only company that produces marijuana fertilizer for customized plant nutrition. YieldTech have developed botanical drugs made from the biological abundance of the Israeli landscapes and minerals from the dead sea, striving to provide the best results in the medicinal plants industry. […]

Free & easy way to add fertilizer & aeration to potted pot plants

The preferred fertilizer books to help boost your marijuana grow. Worm castings (poop) is an amazing fertilizer for medical marijuana plants, great used throughout the grow cycle. Bagged worm castings and other organic fertilizers can cost you $$$ here in the Islands. Luckily, you can easily find earthworms in the Earth! We found this happy […]